We’ve got a lot of career movement stories in today’s edition of The Real. Mary J Blige is changing it up and signed on for across-the-board representation with APA, while longtime Goldenvoice booker Lesley Olenik is making the jump to Live Nation. We’ve also got some news about two new hires at AEG Rocky Mountains that strengthen their booking team.

Is now the time to make a move in your career? It’s a difficult decision and you certainly learn who your true friends and supporters are when you make the leap. Tomorrow is the three-year anniversary of Amplify launching its paid membership platform. We had been publishing for about a month for free and it was finally time to ask folks to pony up $99 a year to support us. That was a really scary moment. I didn’t get any sleep the night before and at 8 a.m. I hit the send button on an email asking my readers to financially support Amplify. I got up from my desk, went to brush my teeth and as I was looking in the mirror, I asked myself “What if this fails? What if no one signs up? What am I going to do?”

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I went back to my computer minutes later, logged into my email, and boom…10 people signed up in the first couple of minutes! By the end of the day we had 50 paid members. It was at that moment I knew I had more than just a blog. I had a business.

There have been so many changes since 2014. I teamed up with Billboard, my son was born and we opened up offices in uptown Long Beach. There are some days when the stress level is INSANE and the pressure is INTENSE. But I’m passionate about Amplify and it never feels like a job. It ALWAYS feels like my calling in life. It feels like this is what I was meant to do.

I want you to feel that way too. I am a big believer that timing drives everything and for young people, that can be difficult (it still is for me). But you have to put in the time and be patient. I’m not saying wait your turn — I’m saying seize the moment when the moment is right.

And have some experience to back it up. In my case that was nearly 15 years at newspapers and then Venues Today before I was ready. And there are plenty of other factors as well — market conditions, consumer demand, and sheer luck. If you’re in a job you don’t enjoy, start thinking about what your dream job would look like. Visualize your future. Self-reflection and a little planning never hurt anyone.

That’s all I got for you today. Happy Friday and see you next week.

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Dave Brooks

Founder & Executive Editor at Amplify Media
Dave Brooks has over 15 years experience as a writer, including eight years as the Managing Editor of Venues Today. He started Amplify in 2014 to give the industry its own voice and turn up the volume on live entertainment.
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