Deadly Hurricane Irma Mostly Spared the Miami Heat Facility

The Miami Heat sustained some minor damage to the exterior membrane of their practice court, but the arena and accompany practice facility are up and running again with little damage and power and AC on.

“We took 10 rounds with Mayweather and we won,” said building GM Kim Stone, who stayed at the arena with a core team of staffers to protect the facility during Hurricane Irma.

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On Sunday morning, the Heat’s practice facility at AmericanAirlines Arena sustained exterior membrane damage, but there was, however, no harm done to the actual roof or the court floor, Stone said.

“It held up great and windows didn’t even bow,” she said, noting that two phases of the storm, first on the building’s east side and then again on its south side took the brunt of the storm.

She hasn’t been home yet — her Miami Beach neighborhood was ordered to be mandatory evacuated, and she said her parents are in one part of central Florida and her wife and kids in another and she is trying to stay in communication with them to ensure they are safe. Otherwise her team is working hard to get the building ready to reopen for concerts by Depeche Mode and Nicky J.

“I am just exhausted, it’s been an interesting experience. Miami took a punch and we’re bumped and bruised, but we’re ok,” she said. “Our team did a wonderful job.”

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