Las Vegas broker Ken Solky told Amplify that he made over $100,000 on the Aug 26 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

He offered to hire a forensic accountant to prove the claim and said he was willing to bet “$500,000 in cash” with me (the eponymous writer and reporter Dave Brooks) if I could disapprove it.

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But I believe Solky probably did clear the 100 grand as the preferred broker of Mayweather’s boxing and promotion company, hired to move top tiered tickets and ringside seats for the fighter, allowing fans to go around Ticketmaster. Mayweather bragged about the arrangement on Instagram, telling fans to buy from Solky (and not Ticketmaster).

“I know everyone’s excited to see my biggest fight ever… but blowing up my phone isn’t going to get you anywhere,” Mayweather wrote. “I don’t have the tickets, but I have the talent! If you plan on coming to watch my fight and you need tickets then call Kenny.” He went on to list Solky’s phone number and website.

If Solky did collect $100,000 in commissions, at a rate between 5 to 20%, that means he likely sold $500,000 to $2 million worth of tickets. Again, this is a really rough estimate based on numbers provided by Solky in an email where he asked to make a bet — his $500,000 grand versus my next five years of pay.

Meanwhile……..”The Money boxer still owes the IRS more than $20 million, and he is still suing the IRS to await his Conor McGregor Fight payday for more payments,” according to an article in Forbes. “Mayweather’s finances aren’t public, but many news sources have tallied the recent $22.2M tax lien, plus his still unpaid 2010 IRS debt of $7.2M. The total sounds painfully close to $30M.”

If the IRS wants a full accounting of Mayweather’s finances and a peek at some of his off-the-book ticket deals, perhaps a couple federal agents could pay Solky a visit at his offices in Las Vegas. Who knows, maybe he can hook em up with the some Mariah Carey tickets.

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