The punk rock guitarist accidentally got caught in the middle of a police pursuit in LA’s South Bay

Attention car-jacking, police-fleeing knuckleheads — don’t mess with legendary punk rocker Fletcher Dragge.

Yesterday, Fletcher was driving his black Ford F 250 pickup in Redondo Beach when he saw a gray Scion in his rear view mirror, being followed by police cars with flashing lights. The suspected carjacker had led police on a slow-speed chase throughout LA when they came upon Fletcher.

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“I thought I should get out of the way, so I crossed the double yellow to make a U-turn. But my truck is so long I got stuck, blocking the two northbound lanes,” he told The Easy Reader newspaper.

Fletcher’s failed u-turn blocked the street and the carjacker ended up ten feet from the truck, one of his tires already flattened by a police spike strip.

“It looked like he was reaching for the driver side door handle and I thought for a moment he was coming for my truck. But if he was, he changed his mind when we made eye contact,” the 6-foot-5, 300 pound punker told the paper.

The driver decided messing with Fletcher was a bad idea, backed up and continued driving — a few blocks later he was rear-ended and stopped. After a two-hour standoff, the suspect Carlos Mercado, 27, emerged from the Scion with his shirt off and hands over his head.

Bottom line — if you’re gonna commit a crime, don’t lock in with Fletcher’s intimidating death stare. And don’t carjack people. That’s not cool guys. M’kay?

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