Ken Solky with Las Vegas Tickets has reached out to Amplify after we called him a scalper in a story about Floyd Mayweather, instructing fans to purchase tickets from Solky.

The boxer took to Thursday for a post that has been deleted and reposted, instructing fans to buy tickets for his upcoming fight with Connor McGregor from Solky, who we referred to as a ‘scalper.’

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“I know everyone’s excited to see my biggest fight ever… but blowing up my phone isn’t going to get you anywhere,” Mayweather wrote. “I don’t have the tickets, but I have the talent! If you plan on coming to watch my fight and you need tickets then call Kenny.”

The announcement came as thousands of tickets still sit on Ticketmaster, one week prior to fight night

“Is it kind of shady to push people to a scalper when there is plenty of primary inventory left?” we asked, incredulously. Solky took the bait and sent us this steaming pile:

Listen DAVE…

I’m not a scalper!

I’m a valued ticket broker for over thirty years!! (Primary & Secondary Seller)

There is a LIMITED number of tickets in the “primary” (Most at $3500 and up).  

Please keep in mind, a primary that also lists PREMIUM TICKETS AND RESALE (ALL AT OVER FACE VALUE &/OR MARKET PRICE).


I’m a trusted seller (NATB Member)!!! Trusted by the Visitor & Conventions Auth/Chamber of Commerce/BBB/NATB. In the same office location for 25 years!!!!

Our tickets are in hand NOW & ready for pick-up!!!!

We have tickets in multiple price ranges available!!! From ($1500up)

WE HAVE Ringsides (None available in the primary)

WE HAVE Get-In Upper (None available in the primary)

These are facts that should be reported to their readers/viewers.

I think it would be great responsible reporting to actually inform your readers of the facts.

Update: He also called Ticket News to complain about our post, the price of gasoline and the cancellation of Everyone Loves Raymond.

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