Kindie performer KB Whirly is hitting the road with a unique pop-up venue to promote his new EP “Songs From the Whirly House.”

KB Whirly, a.k.a. Keith Wasserman, is introducing his Moveable Musical Miniature Theater to audiences across the U.S. KB Whirly’s theater is a tiny house on wheels that the children’s entertainer is using to perform gigs in unique places.

“It is an 18-foot tiny house and on the side of the house is a 14-foot stage that folds down and behind it is an interactive musical wall,” KB explained. “We have bands that can utilize the stage as a small venue site. Between sets, kids come up on stage and they interact with the musical instruments. They are very percussive. There are tone drums and xylophones and wind chimes and these sorts of things.”

The mobile theater will serve as a temporary venue for KB Whirly and other kindie (that’s indie kids in case you were wondering) performers at parks, block parties, festivals, and other attractions for family entertainment. KB will even be playing the Tiny House Fest in Vermont this September as a musical element for kids and adults.

“It is a brand new adventure, so I am learning a lot as I go,” KB told Amplify. “I want to be able to say yes to every opportunity, whether it’s a music festival or a farmer’s market or an interactive museum or a library. Anywhere that kids and families go to have an imaginative experience to spark wonderment in children.”

KB also sees the roaming venue as a business tool for himself and his fellow kindie performers as it allows them to entertain crowds outside of typical spaces.

“One day I was talking to another musician about how, as the kindie community grows, the venues start to book less and less because there are so many artists and the audience can get easily saturated,” KB said. “That’s when I thought, what if I have my own stage and I could be in charge of letting everybody play.”

He added, “The idea was being able to provide my community a space to play and the spirit of travel and having everything on your back so to speak.”

In addition to his Moveable Musical Miniature Theater, KB is touring to support his recently released album. The upbeat music of the EP is filled with relatable family-friendly themes and features an eclectic combination of percussive rhythms that underscore funky jazz organs and Whirly’s unique lyrical stylings.

“The music is about openness and connection and positivity. I am a parent and I am singing to parents, so oftentimes there is a message there about my own beliefs in regards to my beliefs with parenting my child,” KB said. “There is also that spirit of adventure that I had as a kid. It is about the spirit of discovery, exploration, independence that as a parent is often really hard to foster because there is so much that we want to look out for.”

KB specifically created the new EP with his live act in mind. Rather than recording an album with a full band, KB added loops to the album which is how he typically performs for audiences.

“This record reflects what the show will actually sound like,” KB said. “I wanted to put out an album that I could replicate in a live setting.”

“Songs From the Whirly House” is available now on iTunes and Spotify. For more information on KB’s music and where to find the Moveable Musical Miniature Theater next, head to

“It is important to me that parents and adults enjoy the music as much as the kids do,” KB added. “If you can connect with the parents and their children then they share that connection and it can be stronger and something that stays with them. It is upbeat and it is acoustic and it’s hand-clapping, foot-tapping good times.”


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