Twin brothers Adam and Grant Mills are bringing a new multi-genre Latin festival to the Wisconsin Dells.

Los Dells, a two-day Latin music festival scheduled for Sept. 2-3, will feature headliners Mana, Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee, who continues to top of the charts with his collaboration with Luis Fonsi on the massive crossover hit “Despacito.”

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“Now there is so much crossover with Latin music and typical Anglo music,” Adam Mills said. “So why not jump into this market? There’s no better time than right now and I feel like we are a little ahead of the curb – but somebody has to ahead of the curb.”

The brothers say Los Dells is unique in the Latin market for its multi-genre approach. They believe Latin festivals tend to stick to specific styles, but Los Dells will provide artists from Norteño, reggaeton, regional Mexican and others. Additional artists in the lineup include Prince Royce, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Wisin and Empire’s Becky G

“We’re here. We’re ready for it and right now we are on target to do about 30,000 people per day,” Adam Mills said. “Something like that is unheard of for a brand new multi-genre Latin festival, especially in the Midwest.”

The Mills, who also work with Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful festival, purchased 1,500 acres of wooded land 25 minutes outside the well-known Wisconsin Dells along with an investor. Beginning with Los Dells, they hope to build the land into a destination that hosts around five varying festivals a year in the Midwest.

“If you’re from the Midwest, everybody knows about the Wisconsin Dells,” Adam Mills said. “It is a very family-friendly destination. There are water parks, mini golf, a bunch of restaurants and it’s a really nice family getaway. It attracts about six million people a year. The volume is there, we just need to get them to convert.”

With destinations like LA and Miami being saturated with Latin music, the Mills want to attract artists to Los Dells with the idea of introducing them to a new place and new fans.

“I want half of the people that come to not know the acts and have us change their minds. We want to expose them to new genres of music and talent,” Adam said. “You can only go to so many water parks. We want to give them something they have been waiting for and we truly think this will be that annual event where everyone comes to the Dells.”

“By bringing this Latin music into a market that is so new to it, on top of this really cool experience, I think it’s going to be something that no one has seen before,” Grant added.

While a multi-genre outdoor Latin music festival may be new for Wisconsin, the local brothers don’t believe they are entirely reinventing the wheel. Even though many artists may be new to the Midwest attendees, the Mills stressed that Latin acts have been on hit radio stations for years like Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Shakira.

“What is coming out of the woodwork now is that crossover Latin music,” Adam said. “People are realizing what they’ve been listening to is Latin music. Ricky Martin has become so mainstream people forget that is Latin music. Now we’re taking a deeper dive into what Latin music is all about.”

In addition to the music, Los Dells will have tapas-style food as well as family-friendly art attractions. There will be interactive portions where attendees can participate in creating art and a carnival element for families including a ferris wheel. After hour parties will also be available for adults who want to hang out after the festival’s 11 p.m. curfew.

For more information on artists, attractions, and passes for Los Dells, head to

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