Today’s article on leaking had some great tips about sharing sensitive information with the media and hopefully is a helpful guide to liberating information.

But let’s get real for a second. That article doesn’t exactly apply to Amplify. We don’t necessarily want classified national secrets mailed to us. We’re just not equipped for that kind of reporting.

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That said, we ARE totally equipped to accept leaked documents from the music industry and publish the details without the actual leakers getting caught. It’s a topic we’re very enthusiastic about over here at Amplify — putting self-important, bloviating assholes in their place. I guess you could call it a passion project.

So what can you forward our way? Below is a list of documents and communications you should send us immediately.

Email chains with powerful people acting like dickheads

We all have a couple of these sitting in our inbox right at this moment — just hit forward, type and press send. PRESTO!

Internal communications trying to spin very bad news

These emails usually come from HR and try to soften sexual harassment allegations or impending layoffs. We want the LOLz.

Anything that shows how much one company paid to buy another

Are you a shareholder in the company? Then you probably got an email with deal terms. Get someone to talk and then talk to me.

Emails with Promoters and/or Agents complaining about the venue

I love them!

Petty people making stupid demands

My yoga ball better be inflated when I arrive!

Anything marked “Don’t Send This To Dave!”

I don’t care how, I want it now!

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Dave Brooks

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Dave Brooks has over 15 years experience as a writer, including eight years as the Managing Editor of Venues Today. He started Amplify in 2014 to give the industry its own voice and turn up the volume on live entertainment.
Dave Brooks
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