A group of Nashville music executives quickly came to the aid of 10 people after a semi-truck plowed through several cars, creating a pile up in southern Illinois. The Music Row power brokers pulled passengers out of their vehicles right before fire broke out on the scene on the I-24 near I-57.

“There’s gas leaking everywhere, and diesel leaking everywhere,” Marc Oswald, co-owner of Fontanel and Oswald Entertainment Group in Nashville told the Tennessean.

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Oswald was part of a 10 person motorcycle crew made up of Nashville agents and mangers on their way to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The crew was slightly ahead of the 18-wheeler that rammed full speed into cars that had stopped for construction, causing an eight-car pile up.

“I can’t get the sound out of my head. An 18-wheeler that just plowed into these people,” Frank Wing, Vice President of APA talent agency told the paper. “I saw all this debris going everywhere.”

Left to right, Mark Palermo, Kam Amstutz (Music City Indian Motorcycle), Gary Spellman, Jason Brave Heart, Peter Pierce, Krista Oswald, Marc Oswald, (M.O.R.E. Enterprises), his brother, Greg Oswald (William Morris Endeavor booking agency), Steve Schweidel (artist manager), Damien Horne (artist), Frank Wing (APA talent agency), John “Meat” Noetzel (police officer from Texas), Jacob Summers

“It’s like, BOOM! Like a bomb. As loud a boom as you can imagine,” said Greg Oswald, co-head of the Nashville office of the powerful William Morris Endeavor talent agency. “You can see a car going straight up into the air.”

Brothers and Nashville Music Row execs Marc (black T-shirt and vest) and Greg Oswald (white T-shirt) help a motorist with a head wound. Nashville talent agency executive Frank Wing is coming out of the back of the ambulance.

Luckily for those involved in the collision, both of the Oswald brothers used to be paramedics and sprung into action. Along with their fellow motorcyclists, the brothers contacted emergency services and started rounding up other bystanders to help those involved in the crash.

The group began by pulling a family of six out of a mini van then removed several men from a pickup truck including one with a severe head wound. For their final rescue, the group attempted to pull a woman out of a car that looked like a “crushed beer can.” Their attempts to extract her from the vehicle weren’t working, so a group of 10 dragged the car away from the scene and onto the grassy median.

Shortly after moving the smashed car away, fire swept across the emptied vehicles involved in the collision. Popping sounds rang out amongst the pile up, which rescuers would later discover was extra ammunition one motorist had in his vehicle.

Emergency services arrived about 10 minutes after the crash and there were no fatalities from the accident.

Photos by Oswald Entertainment Group

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