Owners of Barkley Ballroom are opening another music venue in Frisco that they hope will bring bigger names to the Colorado mountains and help tours route through the state.

Co-owners Todd Altschuler and Keegan Casey recently broke ground on the 10 Mile Music Hall in Frisco, a small town nestled in the mountains. While Frisco has a limited population, the owners plan to draw larger crowds from the six major ski resorts that are all less than 20 minutes away.

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“Frisco is within ten minutes of four ski mountains and 20 minutes from even bigger mountains like Vail. During the summer, this is an area where people come to bike and hike. People come in the winter to ski and to go snowmobiling,” Altschuler told Amplify. “Even though our town is only 2,500 people, we are the most centralized town in the ski mountains.”

According to Altschuler, the surrounding resorts bring 50,000 to 100,000 people to the area regularly and as the only mid-size year-round concert venue, he plans to host local and visiting fans to the hall.

“It is going to be the largest indoor venue in the mountains. That would encompass any venue that has a year round schedule of music, not something that only does concerts every once in a while,” Altschuler said. “Most of the venues in the mountain are built as restaurants during the day and music venues at night. Or they’re down in a basement or a beautiful theater that caters to a certain class of people. There is nothing like Denver’s Ogden.”

10 Mile Music Hall will have a traditional mountain lodge look and feel with state of the art sound equipment and adjustable seating options. During the warmer months, guests can hang out on the rooftop deck that overlooks the mountains, the Tenmile Range. Casey added that by building a venue from the ground up, the owners were able to incorporate the aspects they deemed essential such as sound, lighting, and sight lines.

The owners also plan on having many two and three night runs with the same bands over ski season, making it a real destination venue for people from The Front Range (Boulder and Denver) and beyond.

“I definitely anticipate having a lot more people driving up just to see a concert, the same way people from here drive to Denver just to see a concert,” Altschuler said.

He added “For a certain level of band, it’s very difficult to find a place to play in this area. Basically anyone who could play a 1,000-1,500 person room in Denver, they have a hard time finding some place west of Denver in the mountains that they can feel comfortable and they can get a big enough crowd to pay their way.”

As an independent venue, 10 Mile is open to working with any and all promoters to make touring through Colorado an easier sell and hopefully at a cheaper rate.

“I hope to have a very symbiotic relationship with venues in Denver,” Altschuler said. Denver boasts an impressive selection of iconic mid-sized venues like the Ogden Theatre, Bluebird Theater, and the Filmore Auditorium.

“A lot of the time those venues probably have to overpay for bands because there is no where else for them to play in the area,” Altschuler said. “After they go to Denver and Boulder they have a hard time finding some place they can match price-wise and attendance-wise. I think it will be a great thing for all of those places.”

Construction began in late June for the 10 Mile Music Hall, which is estimated to open in the summer of next year.


Taylor Mims

Taylor Mims

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Taylor Mims

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