An emotional Noel Gallagher headlined a benefit concert at Manchester Arena, the venue’s first performance since a terrorist killed 22 people in a suicide bombing outside an Ariana Grande show May 22.

Gallagher, a native of the city in northwest England, became so choked up singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger”on Saturday that he wiped tears from his eyes and allowed the audience to finish the song, Rolling Stone reports. His 1996 Oasis hit became a rallying cry for the event, which drew about 14,000 people and raised money for those impacted by the terror attack.

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“It became an anthem for defiance,” Gallagher told the crowd. “Every time you sing, we win. So sing like you’ve never sang before.”

Gallagher’s moving performance was soon ridiculed by his Oasis bandmate, arch enemy and brother Liam Gallagher, who took to Twitter to call the whole thing a sham.

He went on.

Noel Gallagher, who performed Saturday with his band Flying Birds, had not commented on his brother’s slams as of Monday at 10 a.m. PDT, but the guitarist was seen leaving his hotel Sunday morning looking happy and waving to photographers, according to the Daily Mail.  He performed several Oasis’s hits, including “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory,” “Wonderwall” and “Live Forever.”

Last year, Rolling Stone published a history of the Gallagher brothers’ feud, which stems from childhood sibling rivalry and grew into one of the most widely-recognized and ongoing catfights in music. It became as much of the Oasis story as the band’s music itself, and continued well after the band parted ways nearly a decade ago.

Earlier this year, on the eve of a solo performance that also benefited Manchester victims, Liam Gallagher buried the hatchet long enough to tweet his brother happy birthday.

Maggie O'Brien

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