Pandora users will receive personalized push notifications and feed alerts whenever their favorite artists are playing at Ticketfly venues near them, officials with both companies announced today. Pandora users will also be sent a regular email digest of concert recommendations as well as reminders to buy tickets for their favorite artists when they go on sale.

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The notifications are the first component of long-anticipated plans to integrate the two companies, following Pandora’s acquisition of Ticketfly in December.

“Whenever a venue or event promoter creates an event on Ticketfly, we’ll automatically create a push notification,” that will be sent out to Pandora users, Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin told Amplify. “Pandora has 80 million monthly active users. It’s the largest and most engaged music audience in America and the Pandora deal allows Ticketfly venues the opportunity to reach this hyper-targeted audience of potential ticket buyers.”

If an event has been added to Ticketfly, but not yet put on sale, Pandora users “can set a reminder and we will notify them when the event goes on sale,” Dreskin explained.

The notifications will be sent to fans that created a station for the artist, as well as those that have thumbed up multiple songs by the artist. Users who opt in for Pandora’s location based tracking will get a notification when a concert is happening nearby.

“If we know that you live in San Francisco but we see you’re in New York for a week and there’s a gig playing, then we would provide you notifications about New York,” Pandora’s COO Sara Clemens told Amplify.  “We’re also exploring major live event tourism channels. We know, for example, that people who live in L.A. or San Francisco are willing to travel to Vegas to go to gigs in Vegas.”

Fans who want to buy concert tickets through a Pandora notification will be sent to the Ticketfly app, or to a popup within the Pandora app that allows them to complete their purchases. Only shows ticketed through Ticketfly will be promoted through push notifications and the email digest, however Pandora users will be able to learn about non-Ticketfly events in their Pandora news feed.

“They’ll see a headline that the event is happening and will be pushed to Songkick” if they indicate they’d like to learn more about the concert Clemens said. “We will provide comprehensive coverage for fans of all artists but we’re really working to help Ticketfly venues and promoters have a more active experience directly with fans.”

The integrations come as Ticketfly continues to grow its client base, signing Jam Productions in Chicago, Bowery Presents in New York as well as EDM promoter RPM (formerly Pacha), the Memphis in May Festival and Seattle EDM-promoter USC Events, making the company “the most dominant middle market provider in North America,” according to an interview with Dreskin last month. Yesterday, he told Amplify that his company signed more new contracts in the second quarter of 2016 than in any other quarter in the company’s history — Q1 of 2016 was the comsecond-bestnd best signing period.

“This is the beginning of the realization of the promise of the Ticketfly-Pandora combination,” Dreskin said. “This is going to change the way artists and promoters can market and sell tickets to shows. Pandora is the largest and the most powerful music platform in the United States with the most engaged audience and presents an amazing opportunity for venues and promoters to reach this audience. We’re really excited about it.”

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