“Parallel Worlds” bills itself as a new rock music experience and the live event delivers as a hybrid of rock music, theater performance and feature film. Creator Brandon Beckner decided to merge his three passions to develop a show that sees each medium interact.

Beckner explained that Parallel Worlds is for people who enjoy all three mediums, but should not expect a heavy emphasis on one.

“If you are there just to see theater, you might be a little disappointed,” Beckner told Amplify. “At its core it is a rock concert with a phenomenal twist,” adding “the biggest compliments we get are about the concept itself. That it is completely new and unique.”

The show has been a six-year labor of love for Beckner, who worked with Steve Sobel and Paola Jimenez on an original soundtrack. A full-length film plays above the actors on stage as they perform live.

In its different locales (the show has been conducted in Los Angeles and New York), the leads have been played by actual independent musicians and Broadway actors, all of whom take on the dual responsibilities of the role.

The storyline for the production follows an indie rock band commissioned to create a soundtrack for a movie with a happy Hollywood ending. As the show proceeds, the three mediums begin to blend in unforeseen ways.

“The band discovers that their music totally derailed the happy ending of the movie,” said Beckner. “Somehow there is this mysterious parallel being made between the ex-lovers on stage and the two lovers in the movie. That’s the idea and it gets more psychedelic and intense from there.”

Photos by Keith DeCristo

While the experience centers on the live music, Beckner explains that the narrative is never lost.

“It’s the two sides of the artist,” Beckner said. “It’s the idea of finding the balance between pursuing your dreams at all costs and developing a nurturing relationship. Each lead singer of the band represents one of those aspects, playing tug-of-war with the movie hero.”

Parallel Worlds is still a developing show and has been refined over two teasers on the East and West Coasts in addition to a 15-night engagement in Los Angeles.

“I love the idea of setting a template for a new medium,” Beckner said. “I would love to see different incarnations where it’s a completely different story, but with the same elements.”

To learn more about Parallel Worlds and where the show will premiere next, head to ParallelWorldsExperience.com.

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Taylor Mims

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