The owner of Boston’s TD Garden should fork over $14 million to build an ice rink in an inner-city neighborhood, a group of teen fundraisers say.

NPR reports that the teens had been trying to raise money to build the $20 million ice rink in their Hyde Square neighborhood – but were having a tough time. One teen had resorted to cold-calling companies and asking for donations.

Then the teenagers learned that the nearby arena, which houses the Boston Bruins, had been constructed 22 years ago with the understanding that its owners would hold a minimum of three charitable events per year to support youth recreation in the area. Despite the promise, no events were ever held, NPR is reporting.

Now the teens want the Garden to pay up. Arena owners had initially offered to contribute $1.65 million, but the teens said that fell far short of what is owed.

“That doesn’t work for us. It’s nothing,” a student told NPR. “And that’s just so insulting.”

The owners declined to comment for the NPR report. They said in a statement they give some $2 million a year to various charities and tripled what the Garden had recently raised at an event to make the teens an offer, just as a gesture of good faith. The teens say the arena can and should offer up much more.

“I think we can assume that (Garden’s) fundraisers wouldn’t be little student-run bake shops. These events would draw celebrities that would be commensurate with the brand of TD Garden and the sports teams,” Elizabeth Ziegler with Graham-Pelton Consulting told NPR.

For their part, the teens say they aren’t giving up. They plan to continue to raise money and continue to push the Garden to help them make their dream of an ice rink come true in Hyde Square.

Maggie O'Brien

Maggie O'Brien

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