Beyonce at the Super Dome, New Orleans 

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Saturday, 9-23

Cost on ScoreBig: $400 for two tickets

Cost to Buy New Tickets at Box Office: $550 for two tickets

Traveled to New Orleans from Chicago

I wasn’t familiar with ScoreBig, but was reading a post online about buying tickets through third party vendors. I was like, “Oh, well, let me check out ScoreBig as well,” because I’d looked at SeatGeek and StubHub and all the other big sites. I went online and decided to purchase tickets through ScoreBig based on the price and where the seats were located.

I purchased the tickets and got an email saying my tickets would be available for download. It took a couple days for them to become available. I actually ended up calling them on Thursday just to be sure there wasn’t a problem with the tickets. I spoke with a young lady there and she was like, “It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a problem.” She put me on hold, she came back, and she was like, “Oh, yeah, you’re good. Usually what we try to do is not release tickets immediately for big events like this because people will try to buy them and then resell them.” That made sense to me because this is Beyoncé and I was pretty sure by the show date, a lot of the tickets were going to be sold out.

The next day, I got an email saying the tickets were available for download. I took my flight, got down here, downloaded the tickets right before I left to go to the concert. I was walking into the Superdome, dressed, makeup done, heels on, ready for the concert. We got to the gate, walked in and they were like, “No, you need to go to the box office.” We went to the box office and I gave the lady the tickets, I gave her my ID and she was looking on the computer and doing all of this different stuff. Finally, she was like, “These tickets are not valid. Where’d you get them from?” I told her ScoreBig and she was like, “Oh, no, you’re going to have to call.” There were quite a few people there who were there in a very similar situation.

I didn’t get any information from ScoreBig, no email, no text message, no smoke signal, no pigeon with a note on its foot. I’m originally from Louisiana and this was a late birthday gift to myself and my little cousin. This was a big deal, outside of these tickets, I spent a lot of money to come here for this show. One of my best friends was coming from Atlanta to meet me here.

They didn’t say anything when I called on Friday, “Oh, everything’s fine, everything’s fine.” Then last night at like 11:30, I ended up getting an email from them saying that had been notified that some of the folks who had purchased tickets were having trouble getting into venues, “Please call us or email us.” Of course, the number you call, they’re closed. Then the email, they were like, “Send an email to help at ScoreBig.” You sent the email and you got an auto-reply message saying they’re going to be out of the office until Wednesday.

We ended making it in because, like I said, I was like, “I’m here, I’ve spent all this money to get here, we’re not just going to stand outside.” It seemed like going back and forth with the people at the venue about my ticket was going to be a lost cause. They were like, “Well, you can go to the box office and they may have some tickets available to purchase.” We went to the box office and we had to buy a second set of tickets. At the end of the day, I spent way more money than I initially planned, way more money than I had budgeted for or should’ve been spending on tickets.

Total spent for two people to see Beyonce — $950


Oakland Raiders vs Tennesse Titans, BMO Stadium in Nashville

Sunday, 9-25

Cost on ScoreBig: $746 for four tickets

Cost to Buy New Tickets at Box Office: $420 for four tickets

Traveled to Nashville from Indianapolis

We purchased tickets about six months ago. Two weeks ago we got a weird email that said the hard tickets that we received in the mail weren’t valid. We learned they’d accidentally cancelled our order and sent us an email with a downloadable link to get valid tickets. We took both the hard tickets and the email printed tickets with us and we got up to the gate, the guy scanned our tickets and we found out they weren’t working. We went to customer service ticket booth and the guy there told us they were fake. He just said, “These are fake tickets.”

We called ScoreBig while we were being told this and the guy on the phone kept saying, “I’m sorry, I wish there was more we could do, but I don’t have a supervisor you can talk to.” They didn’t explain the situation at all. Then, I was going through Twitter and noticed that there was something about ScoreBig canceling people’s orders and not paying the sellers. They didn’t inform us of any of that so I handed the guy my debit card and we bought tickets from him at the ticket booth.

We never expected this to happen. The guy at the ticket booth confiscated our tickets and then he made copies and told us to hold on to the copies because that’s proof that they’re fake.

Total spent for four people to attend the Titans Game — $1166


St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field

Sunday, 9-25

Cost on ScoreBig: $739 for seven tickets

Cost to Buy New Tickets at Box Office: $1200 for seven tickets

Traveled to Chicago from St. Louis

Our family decided to go to Wrigley Stadium to watch our Cardinals play the Cubs. My brother-in-law bought the tickets on ScoreBig and didn’t think there would be a problem. But when we tried to scan the tickets, the folks at the stadium said the seats weren’t scanning and told us the tickets had likely been double sold.

We went to the box office and they told us there was nothing we could do. We called ScoreBig and they told us to buy new tickets and they would reimburse us. We bought seven new tickets, although we weren’t able to sit together like we had planned. My brother-in-law has been calling and emailing them to try and arrange the refund but we haven’t heard anything back.

Total spent for seven people to attend the Titans Game — $1939

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