There are still a ton of tickets left on Ticketmaster, scalper sites

If you want to see the Floyd Mayweather / Connor McGregor fight in person, you’re in luck. There are still a ton of tickets left at Ticketmaster and on scalper broker sites like the one controlled by scalper broker Ken “I’m a legitimate business man I swear” Solky, who is getting his ticketing inventory directly from Floyd himself (in an arrangement that is definitely not shady and totally above board, we’re being told). With so much inventory left on the market, the price is starting to drop.


“It seems that sellers have caved,” TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence tells Amplify, noting that “get-in prices down 42% to $1,100 in 24 hrs.”

The get in price has been on a steady decline since July 13. After appearing to bottom out at the beginning of the week, the price saw a dramatic rise before nose-diving again. Will price keep dropping?

“It depends on which way the promoters go,” Lawrence says. “If they want to guarantee a sellout, they could drop prices to $1,000 and it would probably clear the low end of the market. If they want to maintain ‘price integrity,’ they might not lower prices and just give away unsold tickets to fill the seats. After already selling over $60 million is gate gross, they may decide that $1M of incremental revenue maybe isn’t worth the bad PR.”

We’re hearing the fight has been rough on many ticket resellers who are having a difficult time offloading their inventory.

“I talked to multiple ticket brokers today,” ESPN reporter Arash Markazi posted on Facebook. “They all said they will take a record-setting loss on Mayweather-McGregor.”

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