Analytics firm TixTrack is continuing to make improvements to Nliven, its primary ticketing platform.

TixTrack announced today that Nliven will integrate with Apple Pay to increase ease of pay for purchasers and increase conversion for their clients.

“We don’t operate from an app. You don’t need to download anything to get to our ticket buying flow,” TixTrack CEO Steven Sunshine told Amplify. “Being able to manage Apple Pay from that environment rather than from an app is actually pretty unusual. It improves ease and improves clarity of purchase so that somebody can very quickly buy a ticket on a mobile device. By adding Apple Pay it gets done in one click.”

Using Apple Pay as a buying process that already includes a fully interactive 3D-view from seat as well as clear, color-coded pricing, Nliven’s continues to provide an informative and simple purchasing flow. Additional Nliven features include white label ticketing, a pool system, open API and the ability to control and adjust ticket prices on the fly.

The company also prides itself on providing as much information as possible for consumers to help them feel like they are making the most informed decision about the ticket purchase. For example, customers who are looking at a show with multiple dates in an area can compare tickets from available nights in order to find the right seat at the right price.

“Cirque du Soliel was the original motivation for Nliven,” Sunshine said. “We were doing a lot of data and analytics work for them. The migration to full ticketing was that we realized one of the biggest limitations to revenue was just conversion. The fact was that they were getting customers that were interested but they weren’t always buying. We could make all the price recommendations that we wanted to, but with a buying process that wasn’t optimized that was always going to be a limitation.”

Cirque has worked with TixTrack for many years. In the last four years the performance has sold over one million tickets through Nliven, which accounts for more than $100 million in sales.

Last year, Cirque du Soleil Ticket Sales Director Eric Valley told Amplify it was”an integral part of our operation, and we couldn’t run our arena shows without it. It’s like getting a fresh pair of eyes on our inventory to help us identify inventory holes, manage our pricing and improve our ticketing queues. It was really a game changer for us when we began working with TixTrack.”

“The product is really all about simplify that process and giving the consumer as much information as possible to make the best decision possible,” Sunshine said. “From a producer or venue standpoint what we see is a very significant improvement in conversion rates. More and more people are actually buying. Apple Pay is another step in that direction.”

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Taylor Mims

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