Our favorite bilingual kids and family entertainer Twinkle has just announced a new single, “Just Dance” from her upcoming album of the same name. The nine-track album is due out on Sept. 15 and will feature Twinkle’s ongoing message of positivity with an “edgier, Top 40” sound.

For her third album, Twinkle has an updated look and sound as she grows with her audience.

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“I have little tiny kids that come and watch my show, but what I have learned on the road for the last three years is that I’m not just playing for little kids,” Twinkle told Amplify. “I’m playing for tweens, teenagers, and even young adults. Young adults are into cosplay, so they will sit and watch our shows.”

Alitzah Weiner-Dallas, who goes by the stage name Twinkle, explained that her new album was almost entirely funded by her fans. After getting into the studio with co-producer/husband James Dallas (a.k.a. DJ Dallas), Twinkle started an IndieGogo campaign to help complete the project. Having a fan-funded album helped Weiner-Dallas maintain creative control of the stage persona she created as she wrote the lyrics and put the final touches on Just Dance.

“Now it is the process of being creative with the artwork and what direction is going to look like” Twinkle said. “I do all of that and I like creating what the new look is going to be, the new vibe. I’m really excited about what I’ve put together and I’m excited for people to hear the music.”

The new album will feature music from various genres including pop, country and EDM including her previous single “Kidz Rock.”

“Even though it is positive messages, the music is really cutting edge and edgy. Edgier when compared to what people would think of in terms of children’s music,” Twinkle explained. She added that even though her new songs will have more of a Top 40 sound, “I will always have songs that have lyrical content gears towards positivity with a very strong message because I understand the kind of role model that I am for the children. I will never stray away from that.”

Unlike previous albums, Just Dance will be Twinkle’s first full album in English. The Peruvian and Romanian-Jewish singer has been noted for her bilingual material that seamlessly incorporates Spanish and English to promote inclusivity.

“Spanish is my very first language. My mother was pretty persistent that we learned Spanish” Twinkle said. “Ever since I have been a singer and performing, I’ve always done the bilingual crossover. Even before I was doing kids music, I was in a girl band and we were doing bilingual songs then. That’s just who I am. Those are my roots.”

For fans of the Spanish material, Twinkle said she will also be fulfilling a lifelong dream of making an entirely Spanish album. Expected in early 2018, Twinkle will release the Spanish language version of Just Dance as well.

“My biggest message is bringing everyone, no matter who they are, together for the love of music. Hopefully that is something that I am able to express through this third album,” Twinkle said. “‘Just Dance’ is about “taking your moment to express what you’re born to do and seeing that translate to others. People feel that. Music is the universal language that brings all walks of life together.”

Twinkle’s previous albums are available on iTunes, and her new single “Just Dance” can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or be purchased here.

Taylor Mims

Taylor Mims

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Taylor Mims

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